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Debit (aka Check Card, ATM Card)




The Debit Card key allows tendering to a debit card and optionally getting cash back.



Key Sequence


Enter the amount being tendered and then press the Debit key. Pressing the Debit key without entering an amount will tender the remaining balance to the Debit card. Amounts in excess of the amount due will be returned as cash back provided your store offers cash back at the register.


Example (when the subtotal amount is $25.34):


2534  [ DEBIT ]  (tenders $25.34 to the Debit card)


[ DEBIT ]  (tenders $25.34 to the Debit card)


1000  [ DEBIT ]  (tenders $10.00 to the Debit card)


4534  [ DEBIT ]  (tenders the sale amount of $25.34 and gives $20.00 cash back)