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The Subtotal key when used by itself will display the transaction total less any amounts paid. When used in conjunction with the No Tax, Void or % Disc keys the Subtotal key modifies the way these functions perform. When using this function by itself it is good practice to follow the key sequence with the [CLEAR] key so as not to accidentally perform an unwanted subtotal void, discount, etc.



Key Sequence


To display the total due press the Subtotal key. To modify the No Tax, Void or % Disc keys, press the Subtotal key first.




[ SUBTOTAL ]  (displays the total due less any amounts paid)


[ SUBTOTAL ]  [ NO TAX ]  (exempts the entire transaction from tax)


[ SUBTOTAL ]  [ VOID ]  (voids the entire transaction)


[ SUBTOTAL ]  10  [ % DISC ]  (applies a subtotal discount of 10% to all discountable items)