StoreTender Online  Version 8  ©2015,  Aloha Data Systems, Inc.

Preferences (Main Menu / Setup / Preferences)





The preferences form allows creating a custom configuration.




Edit - Edits preferences.


Save - Saves changes to preferences.


Cancel - Cancels the current operation.


Close - Closes the Preferences form.


Help - Displays this help manual.


Video - Displays a video on using this form (not available on all forms).


Tool Tips - Hover the mouse cursor over any field descriptor to display a brief description.




Tool Tips - Turns the display of tool tips on or off throughout the application.


Check On or Off


Title Casing - Used to control whether or not title casing is activated. When activated the first character of each word is capitalized. Title casing is available used on the following types of fields:


Company names and addresses

Customer names and addresses

Employee names and addresses

Vendor names and addresses

Brand names

Department names

Family names

Formula names

Product descriptions



   john doe becomes John Doe

   1234 main st, chicago, il 60652 becomes 1234 Main St, Chicago, Il 60652


Key Click - Check to activate a clicking sound each time a key is touched.


Error Sound - Check to activate a continuous beep at the point of sale when an error occurs. The beep continues until the

cashier presses the OK button. This feature requires a sound card and external speaker. Volume can be controlled by either the operating system or the volume control on the speaker (if any).


Some Examples:


PLU not on file

Sequence error

Tendering error


Dashboard - Check to activate an income dashboard to display in the lower right hand corner of the desktop. The

totals will update every 60 seconds. The permission setting for Reports/Sales/Sales Summary controls whether or not the display is visible for the user. Employee Department Restrictions located on the Employee form will control the departments included in the income display. If no departments are restricted the totals will include all departments.



Cashier Cart Camera - Used to control whether or not a cart camera is attached and activated.


Check if you have a cart camera attached and you want it displayed on the cashier screen.


Customer Display Elements - The Customer screen (when attached) can contain any three of the following elements:



Logo, Slide Show or Videos (Choice of 1)

RSS Feed


Check the elements you want displayed.


Default Food Service Mode - Used to control the default tax option to be used on prepared items as well as the delivery method to appear on the receipt. Options include:







Check the applicable option for your store.


Drop Reminder - Used to trigger a drop alert when the cash in drawer equals or exceeds this amount indicating it is time to make a drop. If the drop amount is set to zero this feature is ignored.


Enter the maximum dollar amount you want to allow before activating the drop reminder. Leave at zero if you do not want to activate.