StoreTender Online  Version 8  ©2015,  Aloha Data Systems, Inc.

CAS Scale Programming


          Steps to work with StoreTender Online


Remove any weight from the scale before starting.


1. Turn the power off

2. Pressing the [#] key, turn the power on until the scale displays “Type-x” then release (x can be any number)

3. Press the [Lb/Ounce] key until the scale displays “Type-5

4. Press the [ZERO] key to save. The scale will now perform a power on test pattern.


The scale should display 0.00 lb 


A 9 pin male to female NULL modem cable is required. A standard serial cable WILL NOT work!


StoreTender is expecting the scale to be set to 9600, e, 7, 1 (factory default)


StoreTender will NOT work properly if the above steps are not followed exactly!