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End of Day (Main Menu / Reports / Accounting / End of Day)






The End of Day Reconciliation dialog allows entering media totals for the store and optionally printing a report of these amounts. The dialog window displays the amount expected, the amount turned in and the variance if any for each media. Depending on the accounting method in effect (Register or Cashier, see Accounting Method) your screen may appear slightly different.


The Day End Key in the Point of Sale allows the cashier to perform a cash drawer declaration where the amounts are entered prior to the Z-report printing. When amounts are declared at the point of sale the declaration amounts are reflected in the Z-report.




Edit - Allows editing the actual amounts turned in.


Note: To edit amounts you must select either an employee (if cashier accounting) or a register (if register accounting).

When the employee or register field is left unspecified, the totals reflected will be for the store.


Save - Saves changes.


Cancel - Cancels the current operation without saving changes.


Close - Exits the End of Day Reconciliation dialog.


Print - Prints the End of Day Report (see below)


Help - Displays this help manual


(End of Day Report)




The report viewer allows viewing and optionally printed a report. Reports can be viewed in a variety of page configurations and zoom levels.




Prints - Sends the formatted data to the printer.


Page Setup - Opens the Page Setup dialog


Close - Closes the print dialog without printing.


Help - Displays this help manual.


Export - Exports the report to a CSV (comma separated values) file. Exported files can then be dragged and dropped directly into a spreadsheet.


Zoom - Click to change the zoom level. Valid choices are:


Page Width

Full Page

Two Pages








First - Displays the first page of the report


Prev - Displays the previous page of the report.


Next - Displays the next page in the report.


Last - Displays the last page in the report.