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Employee Grid (Main Menu / Data / Staff / Employees / Grid)





The data grid allows for presenting table data in a spreadsheet fashion. Data can be filtered, sorted, ordered, grouped and edited. Powerful search and replace functions can perform mass changes easily. Custom layouts can be saved and retrieved.


Menu Commands



Save (Ctrl + S) - Saves changes.

Page Setup - Display the Page Setup dialog. 

Print (Ctrl + P) - Print the grid.

Grid Properties - Display the Grid properties dialog.

Exit (Ctrl + F4) - Closes the current grid.


Undo (Ctrl + Z) - Undo last edit.

Cut (Ctrl + X) - Cut selected text to clipboard.

Copy (Ctrl + C) - Copy text to clipboard.

Paste (Ctrl + V) - Paste text from clipboard.

Delete (Shift+Del) - Deletes the current row.

Find (Ctrl + F) - Display the Find dialog

Find Next (F3) - Finds the next occurrence of the text specified in the Find dialog.

Replace (Ctrl + H) - Display the Find and Replace dialog.


75% - Displays the grid at 75% of normal size.

100% - Displays the grid at 100% of normal size.

125% - Displays the grid at 125% of normal size.

150% - Displays the grid at 150% of normal size.

200% - Displays the grid at 200% of normal size.

Load Layout - Loads a previously saved layout.

Save Layout - Saves the current layout.


View Help (Ctrl + F1) - Displays Help.

About - Displays version and copyright information.


Ordering Columns - Drag and Drop the column header to the new position.


Sorting Columns - Click the column header.


Filtering Columns - Enter the filter text in the box below the column header.


Grouping Columns - Drag and drop the column header to the row directly above the column headers.


Page Setup Dialog



Grid Properties Dialog



Find Dialog



Replace Dialog