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WIC F/V (aka WIC Fruits and Vegetables)




The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, better known as the WIC Program, currently provides vouchers for WIC moms and their children to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

In 2009, USDA began implementation of these new vouchers with WIC moms set to receive an $8 monthly voucher, and kids to receive a $6 monthly voucher to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. That same year, Congress passed the FY 2010 Agricultural Appropriations Bill which increased the value of the monthly produce voucher for WIC Moms from $8/month to its current value of $10/month. However, the value of the produce voucher for children remained at $6. The FY2010 budget proposed increasing the children’s fruit and vegetable voucher to $8/month, as recommended in the Institute of Medicine (IOM), but Congress did not head the Administration’s recommendation.

As it stands currently, WIC provides vouchers for $10 per month to mothers and $6 per month to children for fresh fruits and vegetables. If Congress provides funding at the level recommended by the IOM ($10/month for moms and $8/month for children), the total value of this policy change will be approximately $167 million/year in additional produce sales based on the current WIC caseload.


The WIC F/V key allows tendering to a WIC F/V Voucher. Rules vary by state. Refer to your state provided documents for proper handling.



Key Sequence


Enter the amount of the WIC F/V voucher(s) and then press the WIC F/V key.




1600  [ WIC F/V  ]  (tenders $16.00 worth of WIC F/V vouchers)


[ ELIGIBLE ]  [ WIC F/V  ]  (displays the eligible WIC F/V total)