StoreTender Online  Version 8.  ©2015,  Aloha Data Systems, Inc.

Gift Card (aka Stored Value Card)




Gift Cards can be activated, have funds added, used as a tender or have their current balance retrieved.


Key Sequence (Tendering)


Enter the amount being tendered and then press the green Gift Card key. Pressing the green Gift Card key without entering an amount will tender the remaining balance to the Gift Card. If the available balance on the card is less than the amount being tendered the application will automatically tender the available balance leaving any remaining amount still due.


Example (when the subtotal amount is $25.34):


2534  [ GIFT CARD ]  (tenders $25.34 to the Gift card)


[ GIFT CARD ]  (tenders $25.34 to the Gift card)


1000  [ GIFT CARD ]  (tenders $10.00 to the Gift card)


Example (when the subtotal is $25.34 and the card has $20.00 available):


2534  [ GIFT CARD ]  (tenders $20.00 to card and leaves $5.34 due)



Key Sequence (Obtaining a balance of available funds)


Press the Inquiry key followed by the green Gift Card key.


Example (obtaining the current available funds on the card):


[ INQUIRY ]  [ GIFT CARD ]  (obtains card balance)



Key Sequence (Activating or Adding funds)


Enter the amount to put on the card and then press the gray Gift Card Sale key.


Example (adding $50.00 to a new or existing card):


50.00 [ GIFT CARD SALE ]  (adds funds)