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Z-Report (aka Shift Close without declaration)




Use to close out the register and print a shift report without performing a media declaration. To perform a close out with declaration use the Day End function instead.



Key Sequence


Press the Z-Report key.







Shift Report Function Parameter

Precede the report function with the sum of the report section values to include.


Valid functions are:

Function 22: End of Day

Function 94: X Report

Function 100: Z Report


Examples for Function 94:

To include Shift Totals and Media Totals make the macro 3 [94]

To include Shift Totals, Media Totals and Declaration Totals make the macro 7 [94]

To include Shift Totals, Media Totals and Shift Metrics make the macro 131 [94]


Value           Section

1          Shift Totals

2          Media Totals

4          Declaration Totals

8          Department Totals

16          Hourly Totals

32          Tax Totals

64          Other Total

128          Shift Metrics

256          Blind