StoreTender Online  Version 8.  ©2015,  Aloha Data Systems, Inc.

Adding items on-the-fly (Main Menu / Point of Sale)


Inventory items can be added on-the-fly at the point of sale if needed and allowed.


Adding a new inventory item from the point of sale requires the following criteria:


The cashier's security settings must be set to allow adding inventory items.

One or more departments must have the "On-The-Fly Additions" check box checked.

The item must not already exist in the database.


To add a new item


Scan or enter the item UPC code.

If the item is not on file and the above criteria is met the following dialog will appear:



Press the button labeled Yes.

The department dialog will appear:



Enter the price and then press the department you want the new item associated with..

The following screen will appear provided subdepartments for the department selected exist.



Press the subdepartment you want associated with the new item.

The following dialog will appear allowing you edit the description:



Type a new description or leave as the description name.

Press the Add Item button to accept the new item as entered and add it to the current transaction.