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Order (aka Hold and Recall)




The Order key allows holding an order for recall at a later time. This feature, while similar to suspend / resume differs in the sense that it can be recalled from any register in the store and is not required to be concluded before closing a shift.


Some examples of using this feature might include:


Ordering a birthday cake from the bakery department for pickup later.

Ordering a party tray from the deli department for pickup later.


Key Sequence to Hold an Order


Enter the items to be included on the order.and optionally the customer account number. Press the ORDER key. A dialog will appear allowing you to enter the customer name, phone, pickup information and any special notes pertaining to the order.




[ ORDER ] 



                    Previous - Navigates to the previous field.


                    Next - Navigates to the next field.


Cancel - Returns to the Point of Sale without affecting the current transaction..


Save - Saves the order and then returns to the point of sale screen.



Key Sequence to view all open orders


Press the INQUIRY key followed by the ORDER key. A dialog will appear allowing you to scroll through and view all open orders. As an order is highlighted, details will appear to the right.







Close - Closes the Open Orders dialog.


Print - Prints the currently selected order.


Recall - Loads the currently selected order.