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Wholesaler Prices (Main Menu / Setup / EZ-Load / Wholesaler Prices )





The Wholesaler Prices screen allows for fast and easy updating of inventory records based on information provided by your wholesaler.




Update - Updates inventory prices based on the parameters entered..


Close - Closes the Wholesaler Prices screen.


Recalculate - Recalculates prices based on current settings.


Help - Displays the help menu (see Help Menu).


Tool Tips - Hover the mouse cursor over any field descriptor to display a brief description.




Wholesaler - The name of the wholesaler whose products and prices you want to update. Click on the yellow folder to the right to display a list of participating wholesalers including the date of their last update.


If you do not see your wholesaler in the list, please submit a support ticket listing the name and contact information for the wholesaler. We will attempt to contact the wholesaler to offer participation in our update feature.


Wholesaler Category - The wholesaler category is displayed exactly as provided. Click on the yellow folder to the right to display a list of categories to choose from.


Vendor - Select the folder on the right to display a list of your vendors to choose from.


Department/Subdepartment - The actual department and subdepartment within StoreTender you want to map to the wholesaler's category to.

Click on the yellow folder to the right to display a list of departments and then subdepartments to choose from.


Note: The use of subdepartments is optional.




Wholesaler's Department: GROC

Your Department/Subdepartment: Grocery / Vegetables


Tax Assignments 1-3 - While there is no limit to the number of taxes you can define for your enterprise, a total of three different taxes can be assigned to any item in your database for each of your tax zones.


Tax Zones (available in multi-store configurations) allow you to apply different taxes on an item based on location or jurisdiction. Tax Zones are defined within StoreTender Online HQ.


Scale - Select the folder on the right to display a list of scale options to choose from.


Food Stamps - Used to specify all items in this department/subdepartment combination can be paid with food stamps or EBT.


Retail Price Configuration Settings


Use Margin Percentage and Mask - Used to indicate retail prices are to be calculated based upon the margin percentage you have provided for this department/subdepartment combination and not the price supplied by the wholesaler (if any).




The wholesaler lists the pack size as 24, the case cost as $480 and the Multiplier at 1. You have entered a margin of 50%. The retail price will be $4.00


(Case Cost/Pack Size ) / Margin

or ($480/2.00) /.50 = $4.00


If a mask was specified the price would round to the nearest digit specified in the mask.



If the mask was specified with a digit of 9 then

the price would round to $3.99


Use Wholesaler Price  and Zone - Use to indicate the system will update the retail price based on the price supplied by the wholesaler. Some wholesalers will provide multiple prices based on zones 0 through 9. To use a zone price, check the Use Zone check-box and enter a zone between 0 and 9.


Do not use Price - Used to specify retail prices are not to be altered when updating. 


Wholesaler Products - The list of products and prices provided to Aloha Data Systems by the Wholesaler filtered by category.


Data Elements:


UPC - Uniform Product Code


Item No - Wholesaler's reorder number.


Description - Product description.


Size - Size of product. Used in conjunction with UOM (unit of measure).


UOM - Unit of measure. Used in conjunction with the Size.


Pk - Pack Size


Cost - Case Cost


Mp - Multiplier


Price - Retail Price



Liability Disclaimer:


Aloha Data Systems assumes no liability for the accuracy or applicability of the data submitted by the Wholesaler. Data is provided "as-is". Merchant assumes all risks when using this data.