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Find (aka Find Acct, Find PLU)


Find Acct


Find PLU




Opens the Find Dialog for either Customers or Inventory Items. An on-screen keyboard allows touch screen systems to take advantage of the Find dialog.



Key Sequence


Press the Find key followed by either the Acct key or the PLU key to open the Find Dialog. Select the Search By option you want to use (selections are saved between uses). For Customer lookups you can search by account number or any portion of the customer name. For Inventory Item lookups you can search by the PLU number or any part of the description. As characters are entered the list of matches will refresh. Press Enter to automatically insert your highlighted choice into the current transaction.




[ FIND ]  [ ACCT ]  (Opens the Find Customers dialog)

[ FIND ]  [ PLU ]  (Opens the Find Inventory Item dialog)