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Inventory Counts (Main Menu / Tasks / Counting / Inventory Counts)





The Inventory Counts form allows entering physical counts for one of more items. Items can be selected individually, filtered by department, vendor or family when using the Wizard or imported from a file or PDT device.




Wizard - Displays a dialog returning a list of items based on a set of filters (see Inventory Filters)


Save - Updates the quantities on hand for the specified items.


Close - Closes the Inventory Counts form.


Import - Opens the Import Data Dialog (see Import Data)


Sheets - Displays and optionally prints counts sheets. Click one of the grid column headers to set the sort order  before  clicking the Sheets button (see Report Viewer).


List - Displays and optionally prints the list of items being counted (see Report Viewer).


Help - Displays this help manual.


Video - Displays a video on using this form (not available on all forms).


Tool Tips - Hover the mouse cursor over any field descriptor to display a brief description.




PLU Number - Enter the PLU number of the item to be counted or press the button to the right to perform a lookup.


... (Find) - Selects and adds an inventory item to be counted (see Find Dialog)


Description - Displays the product description. (read-only)


On File - Displays the current quantity on hand for this item. (read-only)


Counted - Enter the amount counted.


Variance - Displays the variance between on file and counted. (read-only)



Preference Check Box - Check to default the quantity counted to the quantity on file